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Tax Services

Planning and preparing your taxes is not on the top of everyone’s “things I enjoy” list.

. . . However, if you want to reduce your taxes, planning for your taxes is more important than the act of preparing them. As part of our Advisory Engagement, our tax planning is critical to achieving desired end results and staying on course to our plan. We walk you through each step of the tax planning process. With good tax plan, we should be able to help you get a positive end result!

What do we mean by annual maintenance?  

Your annual maintenance will include tax review meetings and annual tax preparation. In addition, we provide ongoing access via email & meetings with your accountant in charge to keep you on track.

Steps to a positive end result are:

STEP #1 – Good Planning.  Everyone wants to pay less in taxes – or at least only their “fair share”. To get to that amount, proper tax planning is a necessity. Using our tax planning program, paired with our Advisory Services, we can be sure our clients will be on their way to tax efficiency.

STEP #2 – Smart Preparation.  Our tax preparation process directly syncs with our tax planning engagements. We prepare all types of returns for S-Corporations, C-Corporations, Partnership, Individual tax returns, and more. At OFS we try to make the entire tax process as easy as possible.